VILPAK streamlines packaging production with PRINTVIS

As one of the largest packaging manufacturers in Northern Europe, we at Vilpak have always strived to deliver innovative food, non-food, and premium packaging. However, we faced numerous challenges due to inefficient processes and scattered data. That's when we decided to implement PrintVis, a game-changing solution that revolutionized our operations.

In our search for an all-in-one software solution tailored to the packaging industry, we set specific criteria: vertical integration, trusted vendor, and functionality that matched our unique needs. After thorough research and guidance from external consultants, PrintVis emerged as the clear winner, offering superior functionality, reliability, and the support of a local PrintVis Partner.

To ensure a successful implementation, we partnered with Alna Business, an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 and certified PrintVis Partner with a track record of handling large and complex projects. Although we encountered some challenges during the implementation process, such as tight deadlines and changes in final functionality, we overcame them and achieved our desired outcomes.

The benefits and improvements we experienced with PrintVis have been remarkable. We now handle every stage of our packaging production within a single application, seamlessly managing quotes, job completion, delivery, invoicing, and analysis. The system's inventory forecasting capabilities have helped us optimize supply levels and effectively manage our company capital.

Furthermore, we have designated a responsible person for every manufacturing job, ensuring clear accountability from estimators to salespersons, production coordinators, and shop floor workers. Our estimations have reached an impressive 98% accuracy compared to job costing statistics. Warehouse operations have become more efficient, allowing us to maximize resource utilization.

PrintVis has provided us with comprehensive insights into costs, enabling us to streamline our production processes and increase efficiency with every job. The implementation of PrintVis has resulted in significant time and cost savings for us. By consolidating our packaging production activities into a single software solution, we have eliminated errors in quotes and estimations, streamlined our operations, and achieved tangible savings.

The comprehensive features of PrintVis have empowered us to deliver premium quality packaging to clients across Europe and the United States while optimizing our internal processes. We are thrilled with the transformation that PrintVis has brought to our company and look forward to the continued success it will bring us in the future.