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Vilpak's ESG Report:

Our Efforts in Environmental Protection and Empowering People
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Achieving Climate Neutrality in Packaging

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Innovative and Eco-Friendly Packaging Design for a Sustainable Future
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Skinpads Technology:

Reducing Plastic Usage by Up to 70%
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Food packaging

Vilpak packaging solutions for non food items

Non-food packaging

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Conical trays

Vilpak packaging for premium goods

Premium packaging


inovative packaging

HALOPACK® is an innovative solution for food producers that not only, ensures smooth technological transition away from plastic trays, but also creates new opportunities: the surface is 360° printable, it’s easily recyclable, and it’s perfectly suited for automatic packing lines.

Achieving CO2 Neutrality in Packaging

Our Strategy of Calculating, Certifying, and Compensating for Greenhouse Gas Emissions.



We continually invest in leading-edge equipment, IT systems, and processes to be able to serve customers ever better and more efficiently.



At Vilpak, our commitment to sustainable packaging production is unwavering. We are constantly exploring new ways to produce eco-friendly packaging through efficient use of renewable energy sources, optimizing logistics, and investing in cutting-edge, climate-friendly technologies.

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