VILPAK participated in the annual trade fair, FRUIT LOGISTICA, which was held in Berlin


FRUIT LOGISTICA is a major international trade fair for the fresh produce industry, held annually in Berlin, Germany.

This year, the fair celebrated its 30th anniversary and attracted over 2,600 exhibitors from 92 different countries. This is a significant milestone for FRUIT LOGISTICA, and it demonstrates the event's importance in the global fresh produce industry.

As an attendee of the event, we have noticed that sustainability was one of the key topics of discussions at FRUIT LOGISTICA this year. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and they are demanding that companies take action to adopt sustainable practices. This is driving companies to seek out sustainable solutions and adopt more eco-friendly practices throughout their operations.

In response to this growing demand, companies are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability credentials. This includes using more sustainable materials in production, implementing CO2 emission compensation schemes, and adopting other sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. By doing so, companies can not only meet the demands of consumers but also create meaningful partnerships with other like-minded companies and organizations.

Overall, the 30th anniversary of FRUIT LOGISTICA has been a great opportunity for us to showcase our products and innovations, as well as discuss important industry topics like sustainable packaging solutions.

As the fresh produce industry continues to grow and evolve, events like FRUIT LOGISTICA will play an important role in bringing together key players and driving innovation towards a more sustainable future.